Kinsmen assist Covid Ward Staff

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Kinsmen assist Covid Ward Staff

Due to COVID-19 increased infection control standards, the 2 couches for the staff rooms on the medical wards at the Yorkton Hospital had to be thrown away. There is no funding in the hospital budget to replace these couches, so staff had decided to pitch in together to replace them out of their own pockets.  A local RN states, "It might seem like something insignificant, but having a place for staff (including nurses, continuing care aides, clerks, coordinators, and housekeepers) to rest comfortably during 12hr shifts is appreciated more than you'd realize."

They have been working tirelessly prior to, and especially during this pandemic looking after members of our community, as well they are the designated COVID ward for the Yorkton hospital and there have been periods of time where staff are not permitted to leave the ward for breaks or meals, so having a comfortable space to rest for a few minutes is incredible. Not just ward staff utilize the space.  The multidisciplinary meetings are often conducted in the staff rooms, as well as the odd family meeting. The Kinsmen donation helps offset the personal costs each staff member is contributing.

A representative of the Kinsmen presented a cheque for $2,000 to help with the purchase as a part of the Covid relief plan.