What Kin Can Do For You


It's not just attendance at meetings. It is a philosophy teaching high ideals of service for human welfare and the betterment of one's community - locally, nationally, and worldwide. It is a spirit of friendship, a genuine willingness to accept differences between human beings, to see their points of view and to become better acquainted with fellow members.


  • An opportunity to associate with outstanding, involved leaders of the community in an atmosphere of friendship and service.
  • An opportunity for individual and combined participation in many activities with the service of your community and for humanity in mind, as planned for and decided by you and your fellow Kin.
  • Personal leadership development to help you grow as a member and maximize the contribution you are willing and able to make your club and community.
  • An opportunity to render unselfish personal service in many ways with flexibility to suit your schedule.
  • An opportunity for self-expression and self-evaluation.
  • An opportunity for self-development through club fellowship and the fulfillment of responsibilities placed on and accepted by you in the club.
  • An opportunity to win prestigious national awards for personal and team accomplishments.
  • An opportunity to take advantage of a number of services and benefits negotiated exclusively for members.
  • An opportunity to travel the country and meet new people.