How to Play Bingo


1. The game is a BLACKOUT bingo.  All numbers on your card must be called.
2. Winners will be determined to be the card with a blackout in the least amount of numbers called.
2. Blackout in 51#s or less wins the Jumping Jackpot, or share of.
3. The Jumping Jackpot will start at $1000.  A bonus $1000 will be added to the Jackpot each week until won.  Jackpot will be awarded to any player(s) having a blackout in 51 numbers or less to a maximum of $10,000.  If the jackpot reaches the maximum $10,000, the accumulative blackout number shall go up by 1 each week until won.  (Ex:..51, 52, 53, 54, etc.)
4. A blackout in 52#s or more wins the guaranteed weekly pot of $2,000, or share of.
5. The game will stop when the first "potential" blackout has called in and their card has been verified. The number to call when and only when a blackout is reached is 306-782-1500.  
6. If you believe you have a winning card, the card MUST be send in by REGISTERED MAIL, postmarked not later than the Friday following the completion fo the game on which the blackout was held.  
7. Cards will be verified and prizes will be awarded no sooner than 17 days following the date of the bingo.  
8. Winners will be announced no sooner than the broadcast of the bingo game 3 weeks following the original date of play.  Winners will be posted on
9. Winning cards MUST NOT be cut or separated from the original 6-up card.
10.  In ALL cases, the decision of the Bingo committee will be final.
11.  All rules are within the regulations and approved by SLGA, the governing body.
License MB23-0003
Kinsmen Bingo airs Saturday night at 6:30 pm on GX94 Radio - 940 AM -
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Weekly jackpot of $2,000 Guaranteed to be given away.

Play for the Jumping Jackpot in 51 numbers or less of upto $10,000.
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