Frequently Asked Questions

What kinds of things do you support

The Kinsmen Club of Yorkton supports many local, provincial, national causes.  Whether they are individuals, groups, non-profits, the Kinsmen are looking to help fill the gap where help is needed in continually "Serving the Community's Greatest Need".

What if I can't attend meetings

Meetings are a part of the business to getting the important work done but also gather with friends.  There are many other opportunities to help with projects that dont require you attending meetings.  Finding a balance for you is what is important.

How can I join a Kinsmen or Kinette Club

Kinsmen and Kinette clubs are about doing volunteer and Service work, Fundraising, Fellowship, Fun, Personal Growth and Learning,.  If any or all of those interest you, contact a Kinsmen or Kinette member and they would be happy to tell you more.

What are the Values of Kin Canada

Excellence, Pride, Inclusiveness, Integrity, Compassion

How much money has Kin Canada raised?

Kin Canada has raised over $1,000,000,000 (1 Billion) since its beginning.

What is the Motto of Kin Canada

"Serving the Community's Greatest Need"

When and Where was Kin started

Kinsmen was started by Harold (Hal) A. Rogers.  Founder Hal returned from WW1 and was missing the comradery of his fellow men.  He organized the first meeting of 12 men to be known as Kinsmen in Hamilton on February 20, 1920.