Kinsmen adding more winning for Bingo Season

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Kinsmen adding more winning for Bingo Season

The Kinsmen Club of Yorkton announced during the bingo broadcast on April 24th more money will be given away as a part of the next season.  

$5,000 will be a guaranteed weekly jackpot for the season kickoff on Saturday, September 4th.  They will also have other special jackpots throughout the year with a guaranteed prize of $5,000 versus the regular weekly jackpot of $2,000.

Special games will take place to kickoff the season on the Labour Day weekend, September 4th, Thanksgiving weekend, October 9th, In honour of Remembrance Day, on Saturday, November 13th, along with back to back weeks - a special Christmas Day Jackpot with family worth $5000 and New Years Day, January 1.  February will see a Valentines jackpot on February 12th, as well as March 5th, Easter weekend April 16th and finally a guaranteed $10,000 on the final game May 21st.

More money, means bigger prizes, and means more winners sharing in the excitement.

Cards will be going on sale very soon.