$10,000 Guaranteed for Final Bingo of the Season

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$10,000 Guaranteed for Final Bingo of the Season

The Kinsmen Club of Yorkton is going to provide a guaranteed $10,000 for its final bingo jackpot of the season on June 27.   Card sales have been brisk amongst the Covid 19 pandemic and many local retailers have been selling out weekly and cards have been hard to attain.  Ensure yourself that you have cards for June 27 by ordering online before May 25 - 10 am.  Finding cards for the guaranteed $10,000 will be hard to find but all online sales are sure to have theirs as a part of the June monthly package.

Profits made from the fundraising activities of the club are donated to various local, provincial, and national causes as the club continues the motto of Kin Canada to "Serve the Community's Greatest Need"

Order your cards now at https://yorktonkinsmen.com/products/product/bingo-cards