Rules of Play

Rules of Play:

Chase the Ace of Hearts

1.    Chase the Ace Tickets will be sold:

a.    Tickets will be $10 each

b.    Purchases will be limited to 100 tickets in one name per week.

c.    Commencing through to April 20,2022

d.    Ticket holders do not have to be in attendance to win – winner will be contacted by phone. 

e.    Payment will be accepted by cash, cheque, etransfer, credit card,

f.     Purchasers must be 18 years of age

g.    Available for purchase from Kinsmen and Kinette members, non-profit organizations Yorkton Terriers, Springside FireFighters, Yorkton Scouts, Ducks Unlimited, and at Back Forty Brewery

h.    Maximum of 300,000 tickets available


2.    Chase the Ace Cards

a.    Type of cards being used – standard deck of cards.  The winning card will be the Ace of Hearts.

b.    Prior to Week 1 Draw - A 52 deck of cards will be shuffled.   The shuffled cards will each be placed into a non see through individual envelope and sealed and signed or stamped with Kin stamp.  The 52 sealed envelopes will then be mixed and shuffled and placed into a second envelope.  The envelopes will then be numbered 1 through 52.


3.    Chase the Ace Draws

a.    The first draw will take place on Wednesday, June 30th

                                          i.    The first draw will have a prize of $500,000 if the Ace of Hearts is drawn as the 1st card in Week 1.

                                        ii.    A guaranteed $10,000 will be given as a consolation prize if the Ace of Hearts is not drawn in Week 1. 

                                       iii.    A Bonus $10,000 will be given away in Week 1 if the Ace of Clubs, Spades, or Diamonds is drawn in Week 1.

b.    Following Week 1, tickets will be sold each week throughout the week and a cut-off of 8:30 pm each Wednesday.  Ticket sales after 8:30 pm on Wednesday will be entered for the draw the following week.

c.    Draw will take place at 9:00 pm each Wednesday through to April 20, 2022 at Back Forty Brewery, 54 Darlington St. W. Yorkon, SK

d.    From all tickets sold each week within the province, a single ticket is drawn.  A Club representative will attempt to call the ticket holder by telephone.  The ticket holder will have the opportunity to pick from the remaining numbered envelopes.  If that envelope reveals the Ace of Hearts, they will win the building pot. If the envelope contains any other card other than the Ace of Hearts, the envelope and card is removed.  The drawn ticket holder will receives 20% of the weekly sales.

e.    Other than week 1, if any other Ace (Club, Diamond, Spade) is drawn, the Consolation will be a bonus of $2000 above the 20% of weekly sales

f.     The winning ticket number will be announced in Back Forty Brewery three times following the draw.  If the holder is present, they will get to choose 1 of the remaining envelopes.  If the ticket holder is not present, a Club representative will attempt to contact the ticket holder by telephone 3 times within a 5 minute period.  If the ticket holder is contacted, they will get to choose 1 of the remaining numbered envelopes containing a card.  If the ticket holder cannot be contacted by telephone, a proxy will draw an envelope and the ticket holder will win the appropriate prize and be contacted following the draw. 

g.    The winning number must be announced verbally and displayed visually

h.    Draws and phone calls will be posted on Facebook, Youtube, and Kinsmen Club of Yorkton webpage.

i.      The remaining envelopes are then secured until the next draw and the game starts over (that is, the process of selling tickets selecting an envelope containing a card repeats).

j.      When each draw is concluded, all tickets will be removed and secured and new tickets must be purchased for a chance to win the next week’s draw

k.    Person(s) involved with drawing of the ticket for that week are not eligible to participate; all volunteers are permitted to purchase tickets

l.      For promotional purposes, weekly winner will automatically grant Yorkton Kinsmen and Kinettes the right to publish through all types of media including internet, their full name and photograph without any claim


4.    The maximum total prize value is $1,514,000 depending when the pot is drawn.


5.    If the envelope containing the Ace of Hearts remains on the final week, tickets will be drawn until a final winner is determined.


6.    Prizes

a.    Prize percentages being offered: 50% retained by the licensee, 30% awarded to the person holding the winning ticket that cuts the Ace of Hearts from the deck, 20% to weekly winner for consolation

b.    If the Ace of Hearts is drawn the very first event, the winner receives the prize of $500,000


7.    Person(s) involved with drawing of the tickets that week are not eligible to participate; all other volunteers are permitted to purchase tickets


8.    If licensees are not able to contact person within one year, unclaimed prizes will be held for one year and then donated to a charity approved by SLGA


9.    Any questions, complaints or disputes are to be forwarded to the Kinsmen Club of Yorkton in writing via email or by letter to Kinsmen Club of Yorkton, Box 275, Yorkton, SK,  S3N 2V7  306-783-3041

·         Play out plan – If the Ace of Hearts is not drawn before April 20, 2022, if the regular night winner doesn't pull the Ace of hearts, draws will continue until the Ace of Hearts is drawn to win the jackpot.  The first ticket drawn would receive the weekly 20% of ticket sales.  Any other tickets drawn that do not pick the envelope containing the Ace of Hearts would receive a $100 Back Forty Brewery Gift Certificate.