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Telemiracle Donates $200,000

For Release: Friday, September 7, 2007

Telemiracle Donates $200,000 toward the purchase of Digital Mammography Equipment


Yorkton September 7 – At a special ceremony in the main boardroom of the Yorkton Regional Health Centre, Ron Hanishewsky and Joan Steckhan of The Kinsmen Telemiracle Foundation presented a cheque for $200,000 to The Health Foundation, to be used for the purchase of digital mammography equipment.

“Last winter we were approached by The Health Foundation about contributing to their campaign for digital mammography equipment. It was clear that the purchase of digital mammography equipment would have a very significant impact for women and their families in east central Saskatchewan,” said Ron Hanishewsky, Kinsmen Saskatchewan Governor.


“Last year 8,100 mammography exams were conducted in this region”.

“Our board could see that assisting The Health Foundation with this purchase fit with what the Kinsmen Telemiracle Foundation is working to accomplish. Providing this funding means more people will have access to medical equipment and improve their quality of life through early diagnosis. As a funder of last resort our donors understand that the projects we support would not happen if Telemiracle did not step in with the necessary funds. This donation meets our goals,” continued Governor Hanishewsky.

“The Health Foundation had already completed a fairly exhaustive fundraising campaign when they made their proposal to us. We were impressed with both the number of contributions and the amount of money that had already been raised when they approached us. They had done a great deal of work; but they did not think they could reach their fundraising goal without the help of Telemiracle.

“We appreciated the work they had done and our Board decided to make a very substantial donation because we thought this fundraising campaign should succeed; a very large number of women and their families will benefit from the purchase of digital mammography equipment,” said Joan Steckhan, Executive Director of The Kinsmen Telemiracle Foundation.

“Digital mammography equipment is a huge step forward in technology; it will save lives. It will detect cancers that conventional mammography equipment cannot, and it will detect other cancers and lesions earlier than conventional analog mammography equipment,” continued Ms. Steckhan.

“I find it hard to express what this donation means to our campaign,” said Evan Ortynsky, Co-Chair of The Health Foundation. “This is an extremely generous donation, and certainly the largest contribution we have received for this project, or for any other piece of equipment we have raised funds for.”

“This donation gives our fundraising campaign the opportunity to make sure our campaign will succeed. We have gone from having to raise $800,000 to now only needing a further $60,000. This is absolutely wonderful news for our community, and I am absolutely confident we can rise to the challenge of raising the remaining funds,” continued Mr. Ortynsky.

What else does this donation mean: it means that more women will survive breast cancer in our health region; it will save lives. That is not an exaggeration, we know this equipment will save lives; over the life of this equipment it will assist our medical professionals to save many lives.

“It will mean that many families will not lose their mother; it will mean that many of us will not lose our sisters, wives, daughters, and grandmothers to breast cancer. When you consider that in 2007 an estimated 22,300 Canadian women will be diagnosed with breast cancer and 5,300 will die of the disease, you begin to get a picture of the pervasiveness of breast cancer, and why it is so important that we make sure those who contract breast cancer have the best chance possible to survive it,” said Mr. Ortynsky.

“Consider that most of us know women who have had breast cancer, if not someone in our own family”, said Mr. Ortynsky.

“We are very grateful to The Kinsmen Telemiracle Foundation for this very generous donation; it will make a huge difference to our campaign and to the lives of many, many, people. This donation will benefit our community here in east central Saskatchewan for many years.

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